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motorcycle and owner

It’s no great secret that Colorado’s mountain roads offer some of the most-captivating scenery, and excite riders of every style. With ample elevation change, breathtaking vistas, and long stretches of technical curvature, there are almost no route choices in the Rockies that end in disappointment. However, for those venturing westward with limited time to explore, … Read more


The Top-Loaded Bi-Directional Test (“TLBT”) and the conventional Bi-Directional Load Test (“BDLT”)are full-scale load tests where loads are applied bi-directionally to the foundation element. The BDLT usesan embedded loading source consisting of a jack assembly with one or multiple hydraulic jacks locatedbetween two steel bearing plates. As the jack(s) within the jack assembly is/are pressurized, … Read more

Deep Foundations Load Testing Using the Top-Loaded Bi-Directional Test


The Top-Loaded Bi-Directional Test (“TLBT”) is a new method to apply bi-directional loads to a deep foundation element with the loading source located above the foundation head. In the TLBT reusable load assembly, loads are applied to the foundation using the R-System which consists of two stacked steel plates located at the geotechnical resistance balance … Read more

Top-Loaded Bi-Directional Testing and the Incremental Rigidity


An important objective of axially statically load testing deep foundations is to determine load-transfer behavior. Integral to this objective is determining internal forces at various locations within the deep-foundation element. These internal forces are usually obtained from strain measurements. Strain measurements do not determine internal forces directly, and to convert strain to internal force, it … Read more